"NARZISS&GOLDMUND" is one of the most famous novels by Hermann Hesse, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1936. Hermann Hesse is also the German-language author who has been translated most often and is therefore known to a large audience worldwide.

The composer Adrian Werum set this work to music and created the basis for a worldwide musical success of this work. The textual bases are not only taken from the novel, but also from the popular poems of Hesse, such as the step poem ( "and every beginning lives in magic inside")

Catchy melodies and an overwhelming stage design, stars from musicals and opera together with an international top creative team, all this is an unprecedented concentration of creative energies that will make our first project a sensational success on Broadway and in the subsequent international exploitation.

The first steps have already been taken:

An important excerpt from the piece was performed by the Stuttgart "Orchestra der Kulturen".


Musical at the St. Petersburg Operetta Theater "Golden Mask" 2016 as the best new Russian musical


The colorful fantasy adventures of a boy considered difficult in the vast land of Kardistan.